In-Home Dog Training in South Pasadena CA. Beverly hills & Throughout Los Angeles & los angeles County

In my long career as a dog trainer, I early on realized the importance of involving the owner in the training process. Behavior Modification when properly applied through command training helps to mold them into the pets we want to live with. It also helps to keep them safe in this complex world that we all live in.

The same techniques of the science of Behavior Modification that enabled us to become the premier trainers in other venues led to the in-home dog training systems used in the successful training of over forty-five thousand dogs. In 1956 we were the first company to offer in-home dog training. We offer the same course now that has successfully trained more than 45,000 dogs and their owners. Your dog lives at home. Whenever possible, your dog will be best trained where he lives.

In-home dog training offers you the convenience of setting your own schedule. The intensive training that we can accomplish with your dog, and with you, insures a lasting relationship of love, obedience, and safety for your pet. Every dog is an individual, as is each owner.

We have the experience and skills to be successful for you.


Howard working with Tiger in Joyce's Pasadena home

A trained dog that only listens when he wants to, is NOT trained to our standards. 

A trained dog that only responds for a waiting treat, is NOT trained by our standards. We reward with love not treats. You can always have love with you.

working with the owner will ensure your pets training will last.




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Dog Training w/ Daycare

Daycare Dog Training is a six week intensive dog training program, offered at our training facility in South Pasadena, California. You bring your dog in daily Monday through Friday, and take it home evenings. He spends the weekends at home with you. 

Your dog will be house trained, and taught the dog training commands of Sit, Stay, Come, Lay-down, Heel and Stop on command. He is sent home with instructions for you to follow. At the end of the course we provide two in home appointments for us to guide you with the transition. This is the perfect blend of thirty days of dog training sessions, potty training, dog socialization, and home bonding. This program is perfect for working couples.

Pick up and drop off service is available.  

Modified Dog Training w/ Daycare

Your dog is picked up Monday morning and comes back home with you on Saturday morning. This course makes our dog training courses available for anyone in Los Angeles. Pick up and drop off available.

In-Kennel Dog Training

The course descriptions are identical as the dog training w/daycare courses, except your dog stays at our kennel for the full forty two days and nights. 

Small Dog, In-Home Dog Training in South Pasadena, CA

When Robert Kirkman, co-creator of "The Walking Dead" moved to Los Angeles, Mrs. Kirkman called for a consultation. "We want to get a small breed puppy that will be good with my children. We will then want him perfectly trained before he comes to our home. My husband will not tolerate any misbehavior."  I suggested a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I found "Itsy" and bought her from a reputable breeder. I picked her up at the airport, and brought her to my kennel. She stayed with us until her training was complete. That was four years ago. She has been a loving, and much loved pet, since then. This scenario is often repeated.

When Dr. louis Ignarro, winner of The Nobel Prize for medicine in 1998 contacted me to train his two beloved Golden Retrievers he wanted only the best!! He got It.

When Dr. louis Ignarro, winner of The Nobel Prize for medicine in 1998 contacted me to train his two beloved Golden Retrievers he wanted only the best!! He got It.